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Prayer is a conquering and powerful force! We believe just as with the early morning Church, that it is thrrough the power of prayer that situations will change. The bible states in James 5:16 KJV “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

We take each submitted prayer request serious and will be praying for you. We only ask that when God answers prayer, that you write us or contact us on this website and let us know.

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We are also listing prayer requests to further increase the number of Saints both locally, nationally and internationally to actively engage in praying for these requests.

825Dear Mike,Varc2ad

Najet Najet
825Dear Mike,Varc2adios memc2adbers of my famc2adily have sufc2adfered with being bipoc2adlar. I too was diagc2adnosed with bipoc2adlar and told to take medc2adicac2adtion for basic2adcally the rest of my life. I, howc2adever, went to the DSM-IV (the encyc2adcloc2adpec2addia of menc2adtal disc2adorc2adders) and read up on the topic. I donc2b4t know how much you yourc2adself have researched the issue. What I have laerned is that there two basic sources of bipoc2adlarc2adity. One is chemc2adic2adcal and thus treatc2adable with medc2adic2adcine which gives good results where the perc2adson is more or less able to feel norc2admal when the right dosage is found. The secc2adond is more relac2adtional and is treated by healc2ading the deep psyc2adchoc2adlogc2adic2adcal wounds and makc2ading changes in lifestyle that affect our psyc2adcholc2adogy. For examc2adple if the perc2adson is workc2ading 7 days a week and is stressed out, if the perc2adson has no spirc2adic2adtual life (not seekc2ading to know the God who loves us), and/or not eatc2ading well, sleepc2ading enough, or excerc2adsizc2ading, etc. then the perc2adson needs to change his lifestyle. Medc2adic2adcines canc2adnot heal an unbalc2adanced life. Many (legitc2adic2admate) psyc2adcholc2adoc2adgists and counc2adselors get frusc2adtrated becouse peoc2adple come and waste money recievc2ading counc2adselc2ading when they never put in pracc2adtise the advice given to them.My probc2adlem was that I am a perc2adfecc2adtionc2adist and was in a new job sitc2aduc2adac2adtion where I was not havc2ading succ2adcess. Instead of being patient with myself and my defects and givc2ading myself time to grow into the new job, I got down on myself and tried to e2809cpick myself up by my bootc2adstrapse2809d, the result was depresc2adsion. The cure was acceptc2ading myself as I was and getc2adting up every day with the desire to please God by doing my best. With Godc2b4s help, with the underc2adstandc2ading of good friends and counc2adselors I came out of the depresc2adsion. I pray that you will find the root of your bipoc2adlarc2adity and that God will heal you in His infic2adnite love.Shalom,P.c2a0Isaac