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Prayer is a conquering and powerful force! We believe just as with the early morning Church, that it is thrrough the power of prayer that situations will change. The bible states in James 5:16 KJV “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

We take each submitted prayer request serious and will be praying for you. We only ask that when God answers prayer, that you write us or contact us on this website and let us know.

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We are also listing prayer requests to further increase the number of Saints both locally, nationally and internationally to actively engage in praying for these requests.

Dear Karen,The Eucha

Holly Holly
Dear Karen,The Eucharist (Eucharist refers to the Mass and also to the bread conadseadcrated in the Mass which beomces the body and blood of Christ accordading to Christb4s own manaddate — cf. Luke 22:14–19 and Jn 6:54) is most powaderadful for healading and foradgiveadness. To reserve the Blessed Sacraadment (or Eucharist) in your house would require a speadcial peradmisadsion by your Bishop so you would have to make conadtact with his secadreadtary to see if this is a posadsiadbiladity. Some dioadcese allow a Mass to be celadeadbrated in a famadiadlies house which is a great blessading for the famadily.I would sugadgest other steps for your famadily is this doesnb4t work out.1. Bless your house with blessed water and salt (exoradcized salt can be put in the coradners of the house and in dooradways and winaddowsills and around the perimeadter of the house). Bless the house regaduadlarly espeadcially if some of the memadbers of the famadily are livading in moradtal sin (seriadous sin such as not being maradried in the church, drug or alchohol addicadtion, witchadcraft, newage spiritism, pornogadraadphy, hatred, etc.)2. Have a Mass celadeadbrated for the famadily. Each Mass in the parish has a speadcial intenadtion. You can speak to the secadreadtary durading office hours and give her your request (in your case for healading and foradgiveadness for the X-family). She will tell you the date and time of the Mass so that you can attend. You can also ask any priest to celadeadbrate a Mass for your intenadtion and he will let you know if and when and where it can be celadeadbrated.3.You can also simadply attend whatadever Mass with as many famadily memadbers who will accomadpany you and pray together for that intenadtion.4. Also pray for the eteradnal rest of ancesadtors espeadcially those who were probadlemadatic.5. Unforadgiveadness is a plague. If we haradbor unforadgiveadness toward any given peradson it can affect our relaadtionadships with othaders makading it difadfiadcult to foradgive. It is good for each memadber in the house to examadine their hearts to see how many peoadple they have never foradgiven or who they refuse to foradgive. Foradgiveadness in simadplicadity is desirading the good of the other peradson and the greatadest good we can wish is that they would turn to God and find His love and healading. A great part of turnading to God (repenadtence) is also foradgivading as we have been foradgiven. If we refuse we could well be on our way to hell if we stubadbornly refuse because nobody with hatred in thier hearts can enter into heaven (cf. Matthew 6:14 and Rev 21:27). Hatred and unforadgiveadness must be left behind. It is good to know that foradgiveadness is not based on feelading but on a deciadsion. You donb4t have to Feel good about it. You just have to know that it IS good and that it IS Godb4s will. Foradgiveadness is also more powaderadful when we unite our litadtle capacadity to foradgive with the infiadnite capacadity of Jesus lovading foradgiveadness given to all humanadity on the Cross. “Father, foradgive them, for they know not what they do.“Fr.a0IsaacFinally