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Prayer is a conquering and powerful force! We believe just as with the early morning Church, that it is thrrough the power of prayer that situations will change. The bible states in James 5:16 KJV “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

We take each submitted prayer request serious and will be praying for you. We only ask that when God answers prayer, that you write us or contact us on this website and let us know.

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We are also listing prayer requests to further increase the number of Saints both locally, nationally and internationally to actively engage in praying for these requests.


Steven Smith
How are children to learn Jesus right from wrong when you keep allowing them to get by with doing their spoiled brat actions and deeds. How can children learn responsbility when Daddy continues to hand them everything and then the spoiled child becomes prideful and arrogant, and has this huge ego, when does the lack of good parenting become coworkers, friends, and families responsbility to tolerate their childish ways, and behaviors their spoiled brat tendencies? When does the parents lack of parenting overrun into peoples lives freely attacking the saved and baptized. I had an uncle who was a spoiled brat, a selfish prideful individual a favorite of my grandfather, who ended up being a child neglecter, an adulter, and more pride and arrogance than any other person I know. This little brat boy thought he could say and do anything he wanted to and I believe he is still being allowed to behave like he was allowed to behave on this earth. Why do you have mercy God on such parasites, and give them freedom as a judged and condemned spirit, what gives them freedom to curse and damn anyones life especially a chosen man or woman of God? In 2 Thess 3:3 it says God will protect us? I am forced to work the job I have, even though it pays half of a good job I had making twice as much a job I should already be retired from living a good life with my beautiful ex wife, spending time with my grandchildren, and being allowed freedom from evil and satanic spirits. I should have my 401k and retirement and should be allowed to live as any other family memember has the right to life. Are you providing me Jesus with what my cousin Penny, my brother Cliff, my ex wives and my cousin Duke, have been given or are you tormenting, abusing harassing and have you destroyed my life completely because you choose me. Am I being singled out and attacked several times a day because your not honoring your bible Jesus? Are you doing everything possible to make my life enjoyable and prospering or are you doing as little as you possibly can? Are you honoring your bible and are you answering the prayers I say in faith each and every morning and day? Or are you intentionally ignoring my prayers which I personally consider evil?