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Prayer is a conquering and powerful force! We believe just as with the early morning Church, that it is thrrough the power of prayer that situations will change. The bible states in James 5:16 KJV “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

We take each submitted prayer request serious and will be praying for you. We only ask that when God answers prayer, that you write us or contact us on this website and let us know.

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We are also listing prayer requests to further increase the number of Saints both locally, nationally and internationally to actively engage in praying for these requests.

prayer for healing

Special prayer for Sister Jeanne for a great MRI test and healing in her body. Please prayer for Cornerstone Church of the Nazarene in your prayers. May you petition God that He would help them to make disciples for Jesus and to be His hands and feet in our community, state, nation, and World. Pray a Special Prayer for Ecclesia Community Church to grow in obedience, numerically, spiritually, and financially in 2014, in Jesus Name. Prayer that every outside chain, or evil force, to be broken and cast back to the pit of hell. Prayer for any missing members lost sheep to return in Jesus name! Most of all that the Missio Dei would be accomplished! Pray a covering for the leadership and growth in every department and person. Prayer for the financial resources to flow in abundance to do the kind of missional work desired and ordained. Please pray for Brother Howard to be made whole and healed. Please pray that the Lord of the Harvest would send us m ore workers for this vineyard in Jesus name. Please pray for the chains of addi ctions to be broken for Phyllis, Annissa, Bo, Lashuanda, Ash, and junior. Special prayer for sister Lashuanda and her family problems. Prayer for Sister Alyce to be strong and return to church. Prayer for Sister Carletta to make it to church on a consistent basis. Prayer for Sister Judy to be motivated and inspired and with a positive spirit. Prayer for this churches finances and future to be blessed in Jesus Name. Covering for sister Edna, Brother Bo, Sister Jeanne, Sister Leigh, Sister Danicka, Sister Monique, Prayer for William and Ayesha\'s marriage. Prayer for William to get a good paying job to support his family. Prayer for Brother Curtis for every chain and addiction to be broken in Jesus Name. Prayer for Sister Lashuanda\'s daughter to make good choices and be obedient to her mother. Prayer for sister Ash to get a good job and steady income. Prayer for Phyllis to get off of Pain Medications, and any other addictive behaviors. Prayer for Sister Carletta\'s business to succeed an d the Lords hand of protection to be upon her life in Jesus name. Prayer for sister Alyce to get out of an abusive relationship safely, and continue to come to church. Prayer for Sister Judy to change and have a good attitude about ministry and the people she ministers to all the time. Prayer for sister Danicka and her family to make it to church on a consistent basis and grow in the Lord. Prayer for Live Oak Baptist Church to grow spiritually, financially, numerically, and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. A prayer of covering for the pastors and their wives in Jesus Name. Prayer for both church members to be 100% tithers. Prayer for sister Alyce to successfully exit an abusive relationship. Prayer for Brother Curtis for every chain of addiction to be broken and good job and stable home environment. Please pray for Kenneth Jr. for every chain of addiction to be broken a nd for him to seek the Lord and get back on his feet and do right in Jesus Name. Prayer for Siste r Leigh\'s injury claim, that those responsible will do the right thing no matter what in Jesus Name. Prayer for Sister Leigh\'s finance to be abundant, and that she won\'t need a lawyer regarding her bad fall. Prayer for sister Danicka to be healed and return to church and her entire family with her in Jesus name. Prayer for the spirit of depression to be broken and cast back to the pit of hell regarding sister Alyce and Lashuanda, and they both would be made whole in Jesus Name. Prayer for Annissa for healing and deliverance, and for her daughter Genesis for protection and her husband to find a good job, also for them to return to church in Jesus Name. Special Prayer for Sister Leigh to find the correct attorney to help with a bad slip and fall, so her medical and injuries would be covered, since she has been a faithful Christian in every way. Also pray that where she fell they would take full responsibility for the accident, and not pass the blame back and forth, prayer for her medical and pain in her body to be healed. Special prayer for Mercedes traveling over the mountain passes. Prayer for Sister Edna\'s job and for deliverance from a difficult co-worker in Jesus Name. Prayer for Sister Danicka\'s job for favor and wisdom how to stay away from the internal clicks and drama. Prayer for Sister Noel to have favor and make good decisions, prayer for sister Monique and the stress in her life. Prayer for minister Judy Brother Bo and Live Oak. Special prayer for Samantha to get saved and get into a church in Jesus name. Prayer for a need PA System and Van also and better a building situation. prayer for Carolyn\'s well being and state of mind for her and her husband. Special prayer for Brother Tony who is severely depressed and suffering from PTSD, he also needs to exit a toxic relationship. Special prayer for Sister William s who is expecting lab results, she needs healing and the favor of God. Special Prayer for Sister Regina\'s job which is relocati ng, please pray for BR & T department. Pray that Sister Regina who is a faithful tither and member she needs Gods favor for her employment. Special prayer for Brother Timothy & Brother Curtis who are temporarily homeless and is trying to change his life, pray for the favor of God and provision and Protection. Protection for Minister Taylor to make good choices and not get tricked by the enemy. Prayer for Rev Benson for his finances and family to be blessed. Prayer for sister Danicka for healing in her body. Also prayer for Sister Williams test results to show healing and favor. Prayer for Audrell to come to church him and his friend in Jesus Name. Special prayer for Sandra Smith Jackson who needs strength for her spiritual journey in Jesus Name. Please pray for Dom Cooks and his family, he needs the Holy Spirit to do a miracle in his l ife, in Jesus Name. Prayer that Ecclesia will save money and get their own building in the next 3 Years in Jesus Name as they grow! Special pr ayer for every chain of addiction to be broken for Elton & Dice. Special prayer for Jeannette & Giovani to get off the streets and delivered from every addiction. Special prayer for Brother Curtis, Brother Timothy to come to church and grow in the Lord, and every need be met. Prayer for sister Ash to leave the abusive relationship and get the financial help she needs to raise her two children. Prayer for Sister Jeannes Aunt who just passed away, prayer for comfort and peace for the family. Also pray for Ardell, Fred, Alyce, Lashuanda, Carletta, Curtis, Annisa to all come to church on a consistent basis. Prayer for Michael Raymakers for employment. Special Prayer for Genesis to search her heart and hear if God is calling her to preach, then for her church to support that calling. Prayer for Minister Audrey healing in her body. Prayer for sister Ash to be safe as she exits an abusive relationship. Special prayer for the sale of the Shorter\'s house and the estate affairs to be resolved in Jesus name. Prayer for men\'s fellowship to grow in numbers and sprit. Special for Samantha, Junoir, and Mercedes, Alexa, Chelsea, Jiesherae, Ayesha, Loiue, to all find The Lord and get saved in Jesus Name.